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Helps to calm the body and mind

muscles endurance

Builds and improves endurance abilities


Helps and improves the abilities of the digestive system


Exercise helps reduce stress and improves physical and mental health


Builds and strengthens the core muscles that support posture and body systems

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This is where the PlankStand comes in

Plank while you work

Plank during meetings

Plank at reception

Plank on a Break

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PlankStand: Strengthen & Tone Your Body

PlankStand facilitates effortless movement, enhances aesthetics, offers economic solutions, and supports varied stretching positions for comprehensive back and core health benefits.

Dr. Jacob Hans


Improve your body’s functions throughout

Dr. Jacob Hans Chiropractor
“In the 30 years I’ve been working in the field of holistic health, I’ve treated thousands of people of all ages and helped them not only get rid of pain, but also improve their quality of life in many ways. I graduated with a BA in nutrition from the University of California, Long Beach and worked as a nutritionist for several years at one of the most successful weight loss companies in the US.

I sought the help of a chiropractor in 1989 as a last resort for severe back pain that no one could help me resolve. I was so impressed with the results that I enrolled in chiropractic studies a few months later. I graduated from the Los Angeles College of Chiropractic with honors in April 1993.

Since then I have opened and managed clinics in California and Colorado for 17 years. In 2009 I immigrated to Israel with my wife and three children, and since then I have been treating in my private clinic in Haifa. My main goal is to help people of all ages enjoy the best that the world has to offer through health care. In addition to being a certified chiropractor in the USA, I am a member of the Israeli Association of Chiropractors.’

Immediately the Plank Stand was brought into my clinic, I recognized the potential. We are all familiar with the plank exercise, so why not in the upright position as well? After all, the plank doesn’t have to be only horizontal. The theory sounds good, but does it work in practice??
I just had to test it myself to find out! Although from time to time I do suffer with lower back pain and some neck pain, when I tried the Plank Stand, I was not in pain. But as a chiropractor for 30 years, I can tell you that using it for 10 minutes once/day for 1 week, I noticed my abdominal and lower back muscles as well as my neck definitely working and getting stronger! I can see how the Plank Stand could not only help decrease the frequency of neck and back pain, but more importantly, in preventing it!

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Gradually and permanently strengthen core muscles


Easy ascent and descent from the PlankStand. Step off the stand periodically for a short walking break


Clean and aesthetic


Eliminates the need for expensive and bulky chairs, and work desks, by attaching a computer dock to the stand (sold separately)


Change your position on the PlankStand to enjoy a comfortable option for arching and stretching your back





- Emily Rivera

With limited space, I needed something effective yet compact. The PlankStand fits perfectly in my home gym and delivers amazing results.

- Mark Thompson

I never knew a simple adjustment could make such a difference. The PlankStand is a must-have for anyone serious about fitness.

- Samantha Lee

Since incorporating the PlankStand into my routine, my chronic back pain has vanished. I feel stronger and more flexible.

- Alex Johnson

The PlankStand has revolutionized my daily workouts. It's incredibly stable and has significantly improved my core strength.

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